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Chez Charlene Wedding | Jodi and Courtney

Chez Charlene Wedding Photographer
JC Crafford Photo and Video Chez Charlene Photographer SA-36

Jodi and Courtney got married at Chez Charlene in Pretoria.

After doing the engagement shoot I could not wait for the wedding, they are very photogenic and super fun to work with.

They locked the bouquet in a perspex bow with some chains. The bride then preceded to throw a bunch of keys in the air, one of them being the one for the lock. What ensued was fun and chaos as the women tried for 5min to find the key to unlock the box.

Their first dance was one of the nices I have seen. The lighting and smoke made for the best photos.

Thank you for making us part of your special day.

Timothy Crafford

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