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Casablanca Manor Pretoria Wedding Photographer

Andre and Michelle’s Wedding at Casablanca Manor

Michelle and Andre booked their wedding at the beautiful Casablanca Manor outside Pretoria at a very late stage. Andre’s work transferred him to NZ and he had to start working there in January 2020. They decided to get married before they go over. So, things that normally takes a bride a year to finalise had to be cramped into a few short months. But luckily they had the experts from Casablanca Manor, Kobus, Lynn and their team at their side. When they are involved things always run like clockwork.

The day started well if you are a farmer, but not if you are a bride. Rain, rain and more rain.

When I went to photograph Andre he discovered that he has left his bag at his house in Kemptonpark, nearly 70 km away. This obviously didn’t reduce the stress levels!

The bride was cool and calm though, Nothing was going to upset her on her big day.

When she walked in on the arm of her dad the rain has stopped as well. We were all breathing a sigh of relieve.

We had a lovely photoshoot, Casablanca Manor is a beautiful place and Andre and Michelle are two beautiful people that loved each other very much!

The evening was very enjoyable, friends and family having a good time, but also a bit sad that Andre and Michelle are going to live overseas!

I saw something during the bouquet toss that I have never seen in 10 years as a pro photographer. Michelle tossed her bouquet the first time, and it got stuck high above the dance floor in a bit of string that was hanging down. They took it out and she tossed it for the 2nd time. This time into a chandelier where it got stuck. The third time she got lucky and someone caught it! What is the chance of this happening?

Michelle and Andre, it was a privilege to be your wedding photographer. I know you will be good ambassadors for South Africa in NZ. Enjoy your life as a married couple and the new opportunities overseas.

JC and Timothy Crafford

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