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Wean and Amy Wedding Photos

Amy and Wean are two very special people. I saw that the first time when I met them for a photo shoot at Wits. Very much in love and best friends. They know where they want to go in life and they are working very hard to get there. They, of course, love travelling and have been to places that you and I only dream of.

They got married at the awesome Gecko Ridge just outside Pretoria where Angelique and her team always make sure that everything is perfect

For a change, the bride was the relaxed one on the day. It was a very big and emotional moment for Wean when his beautiful bride walked down the aisle on the arm of her dad. He couldn’t hold back his emotions.

We had a lovely shoot all over Gecko Ridge. Wean’s mother just asked me to take one special photo for her. Wean kneeling down in front of Amy and holding her hand. This is a family tradition and they have photos like this of everyone getting married in the family. The reception was nice and relaxed with family and friends enjoying each others company. Wean made a brilliant heartfelt speech and their first dance was simply awesome. They obviously practiced a lot to get all their steps JUST right. One of the best first dances I’ve seen. We ended their wedding day with a night shoot.

Amy and Wean, you guys are SO good together. Thanks for inviting me to spend the day with you as your wedding photographer.

JC Crafford

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