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Wedding at The Big Red Barn in Irene – Graham & Leoné

JC Crafford wedding photography at the Big Red Barn in Irene

Wow. You should have been at this wedding. It was a PARTY! With mainly friends and very little family that you see once a year it was clear that these two enjoy life and wanted a wedding different from anybody else’s.

The rain was a real threat the whole afternoon, especially because Graham & Leoné’s cermony was outside under the beautiful trees in the bush. a Lovely setting for a wedding ceremony. I saw it getting darker and darker during the ceremony as the clouds built up. When the ceremony was finished I pulled the couple away immediately for the photo session. Luckily for us the rain didn’t come then.

If you get a couple that has such a zest for life than these two the wedding will always be very special.

Everything was different, no traditional wedding food, pizzas were brought in on large trays, each guest had a tequila with his name on after the ceremony, beer on the tap, our vintage photobus was there, the grromsmen got bottles of Johnny Walker with their names on, to many things to mention.

The decor was really impressive, it fitted very well with the beautiful Red Barn in Irene.

And oh yes, during Graham’s speech (where the ladies came to sit in front of him and heckled him) a friend of his came forward…with Graham’s matric farewell suit on…an Elvis suit.LOL

Thanks for the opportunity to be your wedding photographer Graham & Leoné, when I met you for the pre wedding shoot I knew we are going to have fun at the wedding…and we did!

Photographer: JC Crafford


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