We were REALLY looking forward to this wedding. Two beautiful people, very much in love, in arguably one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Pretoria. Castello di Monte in Waterkloof Ridge

Riaan and Yolande weren’t going to get married to just anyone, they both decided to wait for EXACTLY the right person. And when they met each other, they knew immediately this was it. Their dream partner. The person they want to spend every second of their life with.

Fast forward a couple of months later…and here we are at their wedding. Riaan friendly and relaxed in his suite and Yolande and her mom Nola and dad Theuns getting ready in the Presidential suite. (which is bigger than the average house)

It was so fitting that they should get married at Castello. They fit into the venue and the surroundings like they own the place.

It wasn’t a wedding with lots of people, rather just the most important ones. But there were LOTS of emotions. I had to swallow very hard a few times.

Riaan and Yolande. You are two Very, very special people. And you are going to have a VERY special life. I just know it!

May God bless you abundantly in everything that you do.

Thanks for the opportunity to be your wedding photographer and videographer. We just loved capturing all your special moments.


JC and Surika Crafford