Tony & Zoe’s wedding at Zambezi Point in Pretoria

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

Zambezi Point Wedding

Zambezi Point was to be the place destined for Tony And Zoe’s wedding. I asked them why they chose Zambezi Point.

“The free beer, we wanted to get married outdoors, and the lights.” Well, I have been at Zambezi Point in Pretoria numerous times, it is simply an awesome wedding venue. And the food, man, delicious!


But, back to the actual wedding:

Some people come into your life… and then never leaves it. You might never see them again, but their presence, the fleeting moment in time that you got to spend with them remains with you forever. You will remember little things about them, how they’ve made you feel, the kind of people they are. Their total uniqueness and the way they see the world.

Tony and Zoe are two people like that.

Zoe was just a “normal” bride when I’ve met her. Very bubbly personality, very chatty, a LOT of self confidence, but a “normal” bride, just excited about her wedding. But my perception of her was wrong, because I didn’t know her yet.

When did it start to change?

Well, it started with one of my facebook posts. My little girl Miya’s biggest dream was to be a flower girl. But, we knew nobody that are getting married and could ask Miya to be her flower girl. Time was running out for her, I mean, she was 6 already. So, I wrote a blog post telling my friends about my little girl that will never be a flower girl. I think my post was up for about an hour when Zoe replied, Please can Miya be HER flower girl. I could’n believe it, she hardly knew us, and this is such an intimate thing. But this was classical Zoe, embracing everyone that comes in contact with her. And in one little moment, she changed my little girl’s life with her kind gesture.

Miya got to be her flower girl, it WAS the biggest day of Miya’s life (and will be for a VERY long time), and I cried my eyes out when Miya walked in with her little flower basket and her pretty new dress and shoes. Thanks Zoe, I will never forget it. (I even have tears in my eyes when I write this. )


This wedding was different, because Tony and Zoe are different.

To start with, Tony didn’t want the ordinary photo oh his groomsman fixing his tie, oh no, he wanted one where, wait for it….his groomsman zips up his fly. I was laughing so much it was difficult to take the shot.


Tony and Zoe are both big geeks, and they have a massive batman collection, so, there was a catwoman on the flowers. The groom didn’t have a boutonnière, he had batman. And if the groom had batman…his groomsmen had to have Robin.

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

Tony is mad about Lego, in fact, he is the president of the Gauteng Adult Lego group. And this means Lego cuff links, and the rings presented on Legos. This was sounding more and more like a very fun wedding to me….and the best was still to come.

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

I asked Zoe why she loves Tony so much, she said: “He is different from anyone else I have ever met, he has no ego, a genuine beautiful person” I’ve known Tony for 20 minutes, and I could see it as well.

So, time for Zoe to walk into the church. And if you were waiting for the Wedding March to play, you would have waited for a long time. The choice of song? The Imperial March from the Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes back. I don’t know who was more emotional, Tony or Zoe.


And of course, one of their favourite books (Did I mentioned that Tony is a voracious reader?) is Winnie the Pooh, so, it was only fitting that a friend recites out of Winnie the Pooh.

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

And to celebrate their love of books, it had to feature prominently in the shoot

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

And then there was Tony’s absolutely brilliant speech. He made Zoe laugh, and he has made her cry.

He said in his speech: “I’ve discovered over the years that we are like two peas in a pot, we are not similar, but we compliment each other. We are still the same people than when we’ve met, but we have changed each other into better versions of ourselves”.

JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT JC Crafford wedding photography at Zambezi Point in Pretoria - ZT

Tony and Zoe, you are two very unique, very beautiful people. And it was meant to be that the two of you had to meet and spent your life together. I wish you all the luck for the future.

Let me end of with a quote from Luke Skywalker in Star Wars:

Luke: All right, I’ll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

The same with your wedding, go full out! There is no try!

I asked Zoe a couple of questions.

How did you meet? We met in primary school when we were 7. I adored Tony … but he only agreed to come over to play when i got a bunny (which is why my nickname for him is Bunny)… Unfortunately Pooper (who left a trail of dropping where ever he went) passed away and Tony didn’t come over to play anymore … but then i got a Chicken! She was named Henny Penny, and Tony came over to play again. Then in grade two we both moved away.. and it was 22 years before we met again, and it then it was an immediate connection.

Tell us about the proposal – Sunday morning is my favorite time of the week… the one day when i can sleep late and Tony brings me tea in bed. So one sunday morning, just over a year ago, Tony started to tell me how we were made for each other and he wants to grow old with me – and out of no where! my Ouma’s wedding ring.

Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember – I just remember how happy and calm we were. How perfect everything was… it was like we were in a bubble, surrounded by people we love.

The dress – was epic, a gorgeous work of fabric and engineering (that left a whopping bruise – but totally worth it!). Oh! And HEAVY! One of my favorite moments was when Miya, my flower girl, gathered up the train, and lopped it over her shoulder to help me.

The Flowers – Hand made paper roses, each one, with love, by our friends!

Highlight of the wedding – Tony’s speech… like how I never told him about my love for Lady Sybil, but she was the first thing he mentioned, and how he talked about love and science, and that is SO us… The fact that we are Peas in a Pod.

The Honeymoon – was fantastic, Thailand was amazing / diverse/ delicious/ exciting/ beautiful/ relaxing – everything we wished for (and also hot and sticky)

Tell us about your photographer – JC was like an old friend when we met! And on the day his was magnificent! He captured all the little moments, the ones that are timeless and the ones we never want to forget. While JC and his family were so professional and efficient, they felt like family by the end of the day!

Who did your make-up and hair? Lauren Davis -+27 82 909 9331 – did my magic make-up, she was the easiest part of the whole wedding. And my friend and total hair goddess was Janine Menhouk (082 729 8948)

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be? Pay off your wedding BEFORE you get married! Debt is a big stress… and Remember! Focus on whats important – marrying the person you love and the wedding is just one day – don’t panic!

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices? We love books, and old eclectic stuff, so the decor was literally the things that made us happy – books, orchids, photos…

Photographer: JC Crafford

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JC I am Tony’s aunt. I am truly amazed at your photography – awesome awesome awesome pics. Thank you and your wife and daughter for making this day so special for them!

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