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The Stone Cellar in Heidelberg wedding Photography – Lauren & Walter

The stone Cellar wedding photography by JC Crafford Photography

This is probably the most scared I’ve ever been at a wedding. I tore my retina the day before the wedding and it detached from my eye. I was thus completely blind in my left eye…and that is the eye I’m shooting with (not a scenario that a wedding photographer really wants) . I thus had to change to shooting the wedding with my right eye. I got an operation two days after the wedding to fix it, and will hopefully recover fully in the next few months. But, all considered, I still think this is one of my best weddings ever…maybe I must keep on shooting with my right eye after my left eye has healed..LOL

It was also our first time at The Stone Cellar in Heidelberg shooting and filming a wedding, and we were pleasantly suprised, this place is really a fantastic wedding venue, going out of their way to keep their customers happy, and the thing I like most…lots and lots of places to photograph the couple.

Lauren and Walter clearly decided to go all the way with their wedding. Their theme was vintage, and everything had a vintage feel, Lauren’s dress, the flowers, the old Ford etc. They had without a doubt the most and most beautiful flowers I’ve EVER seen at a wedding (and I’ve been to a few weddings) It was unbelievably beautiful. Alan & David from Caar’i Flora are truly masters of their art…and two very nice people.

There was a lot of fun at the wedding, the groom and his bestmen even ran in their underpants around the dam (yes ladies, I did include a photo of that for you…LOL) The bestmen decided Walter’s speech wasn’t long enough (read, they didn’t have enough time to give him uphill) and they all went to sit in front of his table when he sat down after the speech! And you couldn’t move them from there.

There is just to many highlights at this wedding to mention, so I rather asked Lauren to tell us what she thought about her wedding and how they’ve met:

How did you meet? In Gr11 in school. We were both on the first hockey teams and the girls and boys played against each other to prepare us for the following Saturdays game. We had to defend each other and is was history from then on.

Tell us about the proposal. Walter made a wooden sign that read : Marry my dad please? and hung it around his Scottish terrier’s neck. Needles to say Stoffel walked into my room as if he had something to prove and then I saw the little sign around his neck. The first thing I asked Walter was if he was serious and then when he nodded I said yes.

Describe your wedding day, anything specific that you will always remember

The dress

It was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined it could be. 1920’s inspired wedding dress. The colour was oyster. Custom made and designed between me and Tannie Bets. The lace was imported from France. The beadwork around my shoulders was all done by Tannie Bets. You can give her the most impossible dress and she will be able to make it.

The Flowers

The most flowers I have ever seen on a wedding. Everything had a vintage feel but still classy. The colours ranged from light purples and pinks. Lots of candles made everything so romantic. Loved the vintage silver Candelabras mixed with the crystal ones. The little lampshades on some of the the candelabras still gave that Gatsby look. My favourite was the flower rings hanging out of the ceiling. The decor was more beautiful than anything you’ve seen on pinterest.

Highlight of the wedding

Walter says it was when I came down the aisle… I think just everything. We did everything so different from the normal wedding. But if I have to name a few things : Photo booth bus, Soft serve ice cream machine, First dance was a tango that we practiced for 8 months before the wedding (we still screwed it up a bit but only we knew). cigar bar – The guests loved it. And I think one thing that made our wedding was that Kevin Leo was our MC. He was amazing. He kept everyone entertained and everyone just absolutely loved him. Lastly… we told everyone that their attire has to be 1920’s. Everyone looked stunning and went way out. Was really worth it to have a theme.

Was there any drama

The pastor was 30 min late, but the timing worked out perfectly. Cause just as I entered the chapel, a storm broke out, but when we came out of the chapel, the weather was perfect. So thanx to the pastor, otherwise we would have had to take photos in the rain.

The Honeymoon

a 1 Week trip to Seasons Lodge in Zanzibar. It was stunning. We had our own private Villa on the beach. Think crystal clear turquoise waters with crisp white beaches. It really looks like all the pictures you see on the internet.

Tell us about your photographer.

He is easy to work with. I loved that I had so many pictures of the guests as well and not just of us. I also loved that I got all the pictures and not only the ones the photographer thinks are nice. JC is very professional but still laid back so you he gives a relaxed atmosphere. We never wondered what we had to do in front of the camera. He is very open for your ideas and suggestions. Photos are all that you have afterwards of the wedding, and JC captured the day spot on! Thanx a million.

Who did your make-up and hair? (Contact details and email as well please)

Petro from Make-up Wise: 082 859 1934/

Any other suppliers that you want to mention?

Alan & David from Caar’i Flora for the amazing decor and hundreds of flowers.Alan: 082 978 2572

My dressmaker : Bets Louw Tel: 

Where was your honeymoon?

Seasons lodge Zanzibar

Do you have any advice for other brides/grooms-to-be?

Start with preparations early, even if it is still a year ahead. Believe me before you know it, you’ll run out of time. Do not take any calming tablets on the wedding day. You need to experience all the emotions. Details DO matter. Don’t let anyone tell you that the guests don’t see it. The details make up the whole picture and makes the wedding personal. Hire a professional MC – Kevin Leo is very good 😉 And lastly… Something WILL go wrong. Just ignore it and go with the flow. Chances are that your the only one that sees it.

What was your inspiration behind your overall wedding decor and colour choices?

The big inspiration was the movie : The Great Gatsby. From there on we just went with the 1920’s theme.
Lauren and Walter, you are such a beautiful couple, with a wedding you and your guests will never forget, I will always remember how beautiful you looked Lauren,and Walter, I will always remember how much you cared and wanted to make sure everything is perfect for Lauren.
Thanks for inviting us to be your wedding photographer and videographers, we thoroughly enjoyed every second with you.
Photographer: JC Crafford
Here is a link to the highlights of their wedding video, followed by their photos.

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