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Peet & Renee’s wedding in Pretoria

JC Crafford Photo & Video wedding photography in Pretoria PR

You know a couple has got a lot of confidence in their own abilities if they decide to change their wedding venue 7 days before their wedding. Not only did Peet and Renee do that. They decided to change their reception to the church hall where they are getting married and to do all the catering and arrangements involved for almost 200 people themselves.

I must be honest. When I’ve heard about this I thought they won’t be able to pull this off. But they did.

The wedding was well planned, organised, the food was good, the tables looked stunning. And the couple was as relaxed as if they were doing this every day.

Thanks for making me a part of your big day Peet and Renee, maybe you two must look at a career in wedding coordinating?

JC Crafford




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