Oxbow Country Estate Wedding – Philip & Chantelle


I am actually so glad Philip and Chantelle  are finally together. This has been a very long journey for them, Philip working in the UK, and Chantelle in SA. They will now finally get to see each other on a daily basis like a normal couple because Chantelle has moved to London after their wedding (actually 2nd wedding) Let me tell you how that happened.

Because they had to get Chantelle’s Visa’s ready to go to the UK they first had to get married, that happened last year June already, after two weeks in SA Philip went back to the UK, and for the first 6 months of their married life they didn’t see each other…until their second wedding at Oxbow Country estate near Cullinan and  Pretoria.

This was a very happy day, and in incredibly nice couple to photograph, they were smiling all the time, it was very hard to take a serious photo.

Another story I loved about this two is the one of Rupert, Rupert the bear. When they got engaged the company where they got the ring from gave them the bear, since then Rupert went everywhere and were photographed with them everywhere. Every time when Philip left for the UK he would sprat the teddy full of his cologne so that Chantelle can smell that when she sleeps with Rupert in the evening.

Philip and Chantelle, I am so glad that your love story finally went full circle, may you have a beautiful life together.

Chantelle’s hair and make up was done by:

Lynette van Zyl.  Hairstylist,  0825957728,lynettevz@gmail.com. www.Bridalhairandmakeup.Co.Za



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