Nigel and Elsje – Around the World Wedding venue


Nigel and Elsje has a beautiful love story. Elsje is from Klerksdorp in South Africa and Nigel is from England. Elsje was working  in England where she was marketing her art  and she and two friends decided to go on a holiday to Barbados. Nigel and a friend of his decided at the same time to go to Barbados on holiday. They were on the same plane to Barbados but didn’t know it. They met the first day on the beach, but didn’t chat a lot, the evening at the hotel they met again and started chatting…there was a spark between them then already.

They went for a walk one evening, just the two of them this time, and Elsje took a very special photo of a fisherman at sunset…she then knew, very special person, special sunset, special photo…everything just clicked.

Their romance has started.

Elsje went to Italy to market her art again…and Nigel went with. On the way back to England in the taxi he said to her he wanted to marry her…no ring yet.

It was a difficult situation because she was on her way back to South Africa. Nigel wanted to show his commitment and showed her an airplane ticket that he has bought…he wanted to meet her parents.

Elsje was back in SA, and Nigel in England.

Two months later he was in South Africa, after that they went on holiday to Sri Lanka..real globetrotters. It is fitting that they got married at a wedding venue in Potchefstroom with the name Around the World Wedding venue, have a look at the photos…beautiful place.

From June 2010 they visited each other in SA and England.

A beautiful story, two people that deserve to be together. Nigel is already back in England…without his bride, Elsje is just finishing work commitments and will follow him in April 2012.

Worst moment of the wedding: My car stopped without petrol on a deserted dirt road 9 km from Carletonville after the wedding on our way home. Luckily my two sons were with me and they hiked into town to get some petrol, when they arrived back with the petrol my battery was flat. And then it started raining! I’m making sure I have enough petrol in the car after this episode!

This is some bank notes from Barbados, where they met. Something special about Nigel’s ring that he doesn’t know yet. Elsje engraved the words : “Joune vir ewig” inside his ring. You must understand that Nigel doesn’t speak or understand Afrikaans, Elsje said that if he takes his ring off one day and see the engraving he must take a dictionary and find out what the words mean.

Elsje’s make up and hair was done by Francois at Salon Michel in Klerksdorp. Tel 018 462 5047. His email address is He also did her hair for her matric farewell party.

Elsje’s sister helping her to get ready, she ordered her wedding dress through the post from the United States….11 months before the wedding! Talking about putting pressure on yourself not to pick up weight!

Getting rid of some of the emotions just before the wedding at Feather Hill Spa in Potchefstroom, they also spend their honeymoon there.

I took some photos of all the wedding guests with this frame…I have never seen grown ups having so much fun with a frame, try it at your wedding!

JC Crafford Wedding Photographers are based in Gauteng. I am a specialist wedding photographer and  travel all over South Africa to photograph weddings. If you need someone that is as passionate about your wedding as you are, please call me on 0741 334 755 or email me at

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STUNNING !! You look amazing and so happy.. Love the church, old cars, perfect venue for two loveypeople and some great photo`s. Wishing you both much happiness .. ♫♪ lank sal hul lewe ♫♪

Johan, Bertie and Timothy – thank you for GREAT shots!

We had the best photographer,
the best videographer,
4 of the best musicians,
the ceremony was special,
no other MC than; The Best,
only the best and closest friends at the perfect venue

the most perfect day of our lives.

Nigel & Lsh

p.s Let me know if you need props for your next one….

Hashen Appalraju

To Elsje & Nigel

Thanks for the photos.
They are truly stunning & amazing. A truly happy couple. Wishing you both everything the world has to offer.
A match made in heaven. Enjoy every moment of it. I will convey your best to all at work. The best is yet to come.

I heard it’s very cold in London.
So keep warm & take care.


My friend, i have heard your laugh many a times but never as true and as bubbly as on this special day. you were the most beautiful bride and you and Nigel a truely wonderful couple!

Thank you so much that we could share this day with you.

May this valentines day and the rest of your lives together be blessed 3 fold! Filled with love, laughter, trust and the realization of many many dreams!

Julle skuld ons n ou tydse van vuuren kuier opi stoep ne!!


Vreeslik baie mooi! 10 uit 10!

Stunning Elsje, het niks anders verwag nie! Lief vir jou en sien uit om julle April te sien! 🙂

Elsje hierdie is “stunning” foto’s

Wow Stunning pictures! Really look like you having the time of you life! Glad to see he makes you truly happy! Going to miss you tremendously when you leave but will Never forget the good times filled with laughter! Congratulations!

Congratulations – a beautiful start to a wonderful journey together!


Congratulations again! It looks like a magical event fit for a dashing English bloke and a wild creative “poppie”. You look amazing!!!!!! Love the red! May your future be filled with love and happiness and lots of blessings!!!!!

Lots of love from sunny Cape Town! xj

Suerette Maartens


Ja, “brat!!” Jy het pragtig op julle troudag gelyk. Terwyl ek na die foto’s gekyk het, kon ek nie anders as om trane terug te sluk nie! Dit is soos ‘n sprokie wat voor my afspeel> ek WEET jy en Nigel gaan vir altyd gelukkig wees!!

Such precious love!Love you both.XXXXX

Bev and Alan Bartsch

such lovely photos ,You both look very Happy ,wishing you both a very happy future x x

Kan nie glo die oomblik het uiteindelik aangebreek vir juf nie! Ek onthou nou nog al die stories in die klas en al die hartseer wat juf moes deurmaak! Juf verdien dit deur en deur! Geluk! Die fotos is stunning, juf het soos ‘n droom gelyk!


Nigel & Elsje,
Baie geluk julle twee, ons weet julle gaan baie gelukkig wees dit kan ons sien op die pragtige foto’s.
Chris en Sandra

Stunning and artistic photos. All the blessings and happiness in your marriage!!!

Elsje julle het regtig baie mooi fotos! Gaan vir my kinders ook die fotos wys want hulle wil Desember trou!!

Ek beleef alles weer oor,as ek na die foto’s kyk,en was dit nie n pragtige en volmaakte
dag van die 21ste Jan.2012 vir julle twee nie. Al die geluk in die wereld wens ek julle
toe, maar onthou wie die Rots is waarop julle huwelik gebou is. Elke foto is n meesterstuk, een wil mooier lyk as die ander een.
Gelukkige toekoms vir julle twee

Liefdetjies Moeks

Elsje my tjomma stunning stunning stunning..Ek is so bly vir jou ek wil sommer in my broek shiza!Nigel ole chap you have the gem of all gems congrats both of you.Jou bud Stevie

Absolutely beautiful photos! You can see the love you share in every shot, congratulations!

Istvan, Suzette and kids

BOTH of you look stunning!!!!!! Beautifull foto’s and a great wedding! We are so glad that we could have been part of this big event in your lifes. May you be blessed and have a happy and long prosperous life together.

Baie spesiaal, “it is not on the top but in the inside” Ek stem saam met almal. STUNNING!!!bAIE gELUK

Bollie – dis baie mooi!! We’ve come such a LOOONG way! As ek dink aan die dag oppie gestrande eiland wat jy so knaend gesmeek het vir ‘n man…and here he is 😉 All in due time…

Have fun EVERY day and treasure each other beyond ANY measure!!

Die besige pianis…. J x



Wow Lsh, die foto’s is stunning en moewies kreatief!

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