Lavender Hills in Bethlehem wedding photography – Kevin & Amanda

So, we risk a road full of potholes, AGAIN, simply because we just fell in love with Lavender Hills in Bethlehem, and with a couple named Kevin and Amanda. We were there in full force again, Surika and Timothy shooting the video, and me doing the photography.

Evette and her team from Lavender Hills never ceases to amaze me, such a talented, professional friendly bunch of people. They must definitely be VERY high on your list of destination weddings if you want to be get married about 3 hours drive from Gauteng. We have been here photographing weddings MANY times, and I am still amazed with this venue.

Back to Kevin and Amanda, they are the kind of people that you will start chatting to in a queue in a bank, invite them over for a braai the same evening…and then become friends for life.

You always know when people really like getting married, they don’t care how long the photo shoot take, they just want to have nice photos. This is how they were.

Kevin and Amanda, thanks for inviting us to your unbelievable wedding, we will always remember it like it happened yesterday.


JC, Surika and Timothy

To view their wedding video, CLICK HERE.


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