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JC Crafford


There is just something very special about being a wedding photographer. You get to photograph the most beautiful weddings at the most beautiful wedding venues. The bride and the groom will never look more beautiful / handsome. This is probably the most you will ever spend on a dress, suit, make-up artist and hair stylist. You will probably never be in a better mood on any given day. This is the biggest party you will ever host.. and we get to photograph all of this! Can you see why we think we have the top job in the world? I must confess, I am an incurable romantic at heart, I love seeing people in love! And you never see people more in love than on their wedding day. Won’t it be nice to have a wedding photographer that is just as excited about your wedding as you are? Somebody that will make you feel relaxed on your big day? That will capture all those VERY special moments? Somebody (and this is the most important thing) that you will feel comfortable with having around on your wedding day?

We have two full-time enthusiastic photographers at JC Crafford Photo and Video that WANTS to photograph your wedding and that specialises in wedding photography. We are also one of the very few companies that have our own in-house specialist videographers. We are Pretoria-based but also travel all over South Africa to photograph weddings. You can contact us on 082 891 0936 or email us at

This is a selection of some of my wedding photos that we like. I must confess, this is a very subjective opinion. We always say a wedding photographer can’t choose between his own photos, it’s like choosing between your children! To get a better idea of our wedding photography we would suggest that you look through some of our wedding blog posts. We hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed photographing and editing these photos.

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