D’Alton and Mari’s wedding at Zambezi Point

Zambezi Point wedding photography by JC Crafford Photo and Video DM

D’Alton and Mari’s wedding started very traditionally. Mari got dressed at her mom’s house, and D’Alton at his mother’s house. I was really looking forward to this wedding seeing that it is at one of my favourite venues, Zambezi Point, and the fact that D’Alton and Mari are both to beautiful and very relaxed people.

There was not a sign of nerves from any of the two when we took the photos whilst they were getting ready.

What was very cool for me was that Mari got dressed in her mom’s bedroom, with her mom’s wedding dress of 30 years ago hanging there. That was very special.

Mari was brought into the church by her two brothers, with a very emotional D’Alton watching his bride.

After the ceremony they went for a little drive in a donkey cart (Mari was also brought to church in the same donkey cart) The donkeys were either very well trained or D’Alton is a very good driver, they didn’t put a foot wrong.

We the did the photo shoot after which we had a nice, funfilled and relaxed reception in Zambezi Point’s Boma area.

Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer D’Alton and Mari, I enjoyed the day with you two. May your life be filled with peace and happiness.

Photographer: JC Crafford



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