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Covid-19 Statement

Dear Customers and Potential Customers

Just like you, we are following the daily news with a sense of fear and uncertainty. I don’t think any of us can really comprehend the enormity of the situation and what will happen before this situation plays itself out.

Things have escalated very quickly in South Africa (just like in the rest of the world). I think we are lucky that our government has acted quickly and are monitoring the situation constantly. As in any crisis situation people tend to look more at the negative and not at the positive. I think it is important that we keep a positive outlook on life.

This situation will blow over. Life will go on. We all now need cool heads to make the right decisions and not only make decisions out of fear. 

Have a look at the two charts of what happened in China here at the bottom. Remember that we are in the fortunate position that we can learn from other countries about what work to contain this virus and what doesn’t.

China went from a height of 14,108 000 new cases on 12 Feb to only 13 yesterday. We in South Africa had more than they did yesterday. So after just more than a month the situation is getting under control in China.  So, it might not be necessary now to make decisions that will affect you 3+ months down the line.

Our first priority as a company is the safety of our employees and our clients. We also have a legal obligation to our clients which we will fulfill. Putting into the mix are the stringent measures introduced by the government.

We have chatted to various other wedding photographers and roll players in the industry to see how they are handling things. We are trying to make the right decisions for our business and our clients.

We have legal obligations to clients for this whole year and far into next year already, so it is important that we make the right decisions to fulfill all those obligations.

Each case will be dealt with individually, so please contact us if you need to chat.

So here is how we are going to generally handle things. 

  • Any wedding with less than 100 guests will continue.
  • Life streaming equipment can be arranged if you have guests that can’t attend due to travel restrictions.
  • We are  5 people in the business, 3 full time photographers and two full time videographers. All of our photographers can substitute as videographers and have filmed weddings. Our one videographer has photographed a few weddings of her own as well so she can also substitute as a photographer in an emergency. So we are in the fortunate position that we can send a substitute to your wedding should one of our people become sick with the virus. We have also taken immediate steps to get our photographers and videographers to work from home and not be in contact with each other (except where necessary at a wedding), to further ensure that potentially as little of the people in our company can be infected together as possible.
  • We will NOT endanger you or any of your guests by sending someone that is infected to your wedding.
  • We will take all the necessary precautions that we have to not endanger ourselves or anyone else.
  • Couples who wish to postpone their wedding because they are over a 100 people will be accommodated as far as is reasonably possible. Venues and photographers / videographers are generally mostly booked for Saturdays so it might be necessary to move your wedding to a Friday, Sunday or weekday where we and the venue have availability. 
  • The payments for postponed weddings must be made by the original payment date as specified in the contract. We are sorry about this, but we need to take our businesses financial wellbeing into consideration as well. Just like the vast majority of people in the world we can’t afford to live without an income. Remember we only make our living from photographing weddings. 

Things to take into consideration

  • This is the biggest day of your life, you have been planning and looking forward to this day for months, sometimes years. Not because there are going to be 150 people at your wedding, but because you are looking forward to getting married to the person of your dreams.
  • Consider cutting your guests to less than 100. Chances are that a lot of people won’t like to come anymore because they are afraid of the situations or because of travel restrictions. We are all in this situation together. A genuine friend will not have a problem to rather stay at home or watch a lifestream if it means that your big day can be saved to reduce numbers.
  • If your wedding is only at the end of April or later the year, don’t make any immediate decisions now, give it a week or two and see how things progress, you can always postpone later.
  • Consider an elopement wedding. Just you and your loved one at a beautiful destination, maybe just a handful of guests. And of course we will be there to capture your memories to show to your children and grandchildren one day.

We will continue to pray for our country and the world. Please do the same. That is the one thing we can all do about this virus.

Please feel free to phone us if you want to chat about anything.

Surika and JC Crafford and Team.

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