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Wedding Websites and E-Web Invites

I remember years ago during Christmas my grandmothers whole house were full of Christmas cards that was send to her, nowadays you don’t buy Christmas cards anymore, you just send an SMS or What’s App.

Birthday cards? Years ago this was a roaring business, nowadays people just congratulate you on Facebook.

Wedding invitations? Why do you want to spend thousands of rands on a small piece of paper that probably will get lost in the post (or you will have to go and deliver it yourself)

E-Invite (R1050-00)

Have a look at this, it is really really cool. Be different, instead of spending a lot of money on printing wedding invites, why don’t you rather let JC Crafford Photography design you a personalised wedding invitation that you can e mail to your guests. (It is basically a little mini website with your wedding colours choice of wording and photos of you on there) They can even email you back from the E-Invite to tell you if they’re coming or not. The directions and map to your venue will also be on there. In most cases this will cost you cheaper than printing and posting paper invites (and MUCH less hassles) and you go green by saving trees! This is the new trend, You don’t send Christmas cards and Birthday cards anymore? Why send Wedding Invitations?

Here is some samples of e -invites that we’ve done for clients.

Stacey & Werner

Monique and Danie

Elane and Arlu

Andre and Antonia

Wedding Website:

We can also design a state of the art wedding website for you (from R3000-00) where we register your name as the domain name. exp.

This website can have the following and will only be limited by your imagination:

  • Galleries of all your photos: current photos, kitchen tea, bachelor’s party, and wedding pics.
  • Your own personalised e mail address, exp. Your guets can then also email you from your website.
  • Links to supplier websites exp. Venue, hairdresser, make-up artist, wedding dress designer etc
  • Weddings gifts? Include a link to websites where your preferred gifts can be ordered from.
  • Google Map to venue.
  • Guests from far? Away wedding? Include links on your website to guesthouses and hotels in the area.
  • Wedding Invitation.
  • Link to blog where you can write about all the arrangements for your wedding.
  • Any special arrangements and notices that you want to give through to your guests can be posted here.  

Registration of the domain name, email address and hosting of the website for 12 months is included in the price.

E – Video Invite (From R2500-00)

Be the star in your own personalised video where you invite your guests to your wedding. We will sit down with you and plan your personal Video invite. We will then send our Videographers with you to shoot your invite, we  will edit the footage, add the music of your choice, and upload the final E-Video invite to You Tube. We will then email the link through to your guests.

If you have a grandmother that doesn’t have internet access…no problem, we can just print her a DVD (with your photo on) that she can view on her TV through her DVD machine.

Have a look at this E-Video invite we did for a client

Here is another example of something we’ve done. It is a B & W wedding so we’ve done it in Black & White

This is a stop motion invite that we did for Emile & Sindy

And another one if you like what you’ve seen so far, this time it is an invite that we’ve filmed for Theunis & Chantel

And something very different



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