Jaco is a childhood friend of my wife, and my wife’s parents and Jaco’s parents are very good friends (and live next to each other) so this wedding was always going to be very special to me (with obviously extra pressure to make sure I deliver) (who wants to aggravate their mother in law..haha)

Their relationship is one of commitment, Jaco was staying in Krugersdorp and Lientjie in Potchefstroom, for 5 years Jaco travelled the 100+km to Potchefstroom every weekend and once in the week to visit Lientjie.

The wedding itself was held at Muranti wedding venue between Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp. This was a very special place for Lientjie as this was her grandfather’s farm and her mother grew up in the house that has now been revamped and used as the bridal suite. Muranti…the wedding was TOP class and the food divine.

Jaco is a very kind person, and very much in love with Lientjie, so I knew he was going to be very emotional when Lientjie walked in (check out the photo) I  offered him a 20% discount on his coffee table book if he shed no tears when Lientjie walked in. (He didn’t get the discount)

You get very few parties where there is such a huge party afterwards, a testimony to the kind of people they are and the friends they have.

Jaco and Lientjie, thanks for the honor you bestowed on me by choosing me as your wedding photographer, I really enjoyed being your wedding photographer.

A special very big THANK YOU to my wife Surika who edited the bulk of the photos of the wedding.