Two beautiful people. That is definitely the way to describe Robert and Kelli. Their day started when they got dressed at their parent’s houses. Not often that that happen anymore. And it seems as if Kelli’s whole family met at their house. And that is exactly who they are. People for whom family means a lot. Kelli’s mum had food ready for everyone. And from there they departed to In the Woods where their wedding was going to be.

They decided to do the wedding shoot before the time, and then only go to the church.

In the Woods is a lovely place to shoot a wedding. Beautiful gardens, and a lovely outside church under the trees.And their service and food are superb.Well worth checking out if you want to get married on the East Rand.

The evening was a PARTY. Everyone was having the time of their lives celebrating the wedding of these two awesome people.

We also had our photo bus, Flossie, there. And despite the cold, their guests were constantly taking photos in the bus.

Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer Kelli and Robert, we had an awesome time with you and your family.

JC Crafford